Hold your horses while we
Equinage that for you....

The smart [digital ] way to access your bloodstock sales catalogues

Our goal is to be the number one platform for the Thoroughbred Industry to manage and organise all of their data.
Building on information gathered year on year, buyers can unleash the power in their own data and buy with greater confidence.
We aim to revolutionise bloodstock catalogues. Our intuitive platform will consolidate all your bloodstock data available on multiple devices 24/7.


Equinage is the brain child of thoroughbred owner and breeder Mal Talbot. With an impressive and diverse commercial experience, Mal could see that thoroughbred professionals and enthusiasts were frustrated in having to search the internet to source all of the information required to assess potential thoroughbred purchases . By continuing to use hard-copy catalogues, YOU will be missing out on a huge opportunity to improve your business and buy your next GROUP ONE horse!

Benefits of Equinage

  • Daily data updates for sales results, pedigree updates
  • New ways to promote your horse at the sales
  • Use the same application for all sales companies. Keep your data for future reference
  • Secure, encrypted website to protect your data
  • Available of iphone, ipad, google store and desktop
  • Professional output to impress clients
  • Unleash the power of your data

Key Functionality

  • Easy navigation and data input that your grandma could use
  • Expandable pedigree page
  • Index, search and shortlist functionality
  • Yearling sales results for 1st and 2nd dam progeny
  • Access to additional data not included on pedigree page
  • Yearling and cross statistics
  • Custom audio and video options to impress clients

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